8 Tips For Overcoming Hand Disability After A Stroke

Our Guru Speaks on 8 Proven Tips For Overcoming Hand Disability After A Stroke

Did You Know ?

  • About 50-70% of individuals develop arm and hand weakness and disability, while about 11-85% experience reduced sensation?
  •  Despite decades of research and innovation, no single intervention has been found to be most effective in improving hand disability? 
  • Involving carers/loved ones improve stroke outcomes?

Tips To Remember Following A Stroke:

  1. Do not rest on your laurels; challenge yourself (activity helps, passivity doesn’t).
  2. Do not neglect the affected hand; engage in all activities.
  3. Avoid ‘protectionism’; increase daily movement repetitions (high-intensity exercises improve activity).
  4. Stop running all over the place; build an activity hub at home! (an enriched environment improves recovery).
  5. Simple self -sensory stimulation (gentle stroking, massage, joint movements) of the affected hand helps!
  6. Avoid self-pity; motivate yourself (relish happy moments and look forward to future).
  7. Engage carers/ loved ones in your activities, where possible.
  8. Seek help from qualified healthcare professionals at all stages of recovery.

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