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 Probotics Rehab offers technology-driven hybrid neurological rehabilitation aimed at maximizing patient functions following impairments. 

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 We provide a full range of evidence-based rehabilitation services including functional electrical stimulation therapy using Hasomed Rehamove2 bike; upper limb rehabilitation with Tailwind Batrac and conventional neuro-rehabilitation using Bobath and movement-based approaches. 

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 Probotics Rehab embraces a unique perception of recovery journey. We understand every client wants to get back to healthy living within the safest possible time frame. Our strategy is to work with you to establish a safe timeframe, put rehabilitation plan in place to meet recovery target.  

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Our Services

Neurological Rehabilitation


At Probotics Rehab,  we concentrate on optimizing each's ability to conduct the activities that matter most to them. We use a practical, activity-driven rehabilitation strategy with a combination of expert therapy, body function exercise, and technology to deliver results. Our rehabilitation plans are evidence-based and tailored to the individual, consolidating years of research and innovative approaches to rehabilitation.  

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Sports Therapy


 We are experts in what we do.  By adopting innovative technologies, we can deliver rehabilitation services via information and communication technologies. We use a variety of unified collaboration options (teleconferencing, video conferencing)  to carry out an assessment, monitoring, prevention, intervention, supervision, education, consultation, and counselling within the comfort of your home, office or chosen locality.        

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Orthopaedic /Musculoskeletal Rehab


Our musculoskeletal and orthopaedic physiotherapies are tailored to meet the needs of our client, depending on the specific problem or ailment. Our physiotherapy program draws together the active participation of the client and family to ensure recovery success.  Rehab aims to support the person to recover from Head Injuries, Sports Injuries, Spinal Injuries  and return to the highest level of function and self-sufficiency possible and overall good quality of life. In Rugby and environs, we are the physiotherapy & sports injury clinic to rely on.

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our team

Remi Popoola. Chartered Physiotherapist, M.Sc. - Lead Therapist


Remi is a Chartered Physiotherapist (PH 81384, 086649) with 13 years’ post-graduation experience and over nine years spent in NHS. He obtained an M.Sc. in Evidence-based Healthcare and Health Technology Assessment from the University of Birmingham in 2009. Having co-authored several research papers in peer-reviewed journals, Remi aspires to chart a new course for cost-effective physical therapy and rehabilitation of chronic conditions such as stroke and spinal cord injury using technologies and robotics.

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Our Therapists are the most established in the field of services we provide. Talk to our Lead for more information

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From walk-in to teletherapy, we have you covered. Our experienced staff is on hand to provide the best assistance to aid your recovery.


" I Recommend Remi highly.
I hobbled in with a knee problem & he got me walking ok after treatment and gave me exercises to do on my own to build up my knee strength. He is very caring and helpful."  -  Paul R.

" A very experienced physiotherapist, very patient and knowledgeable.
I will highly recommend. " -  Mel D 

 " After being in a car crash i received Physio off Remi and what can i say he has helped me no end and will help you so much. Remi is a very good physiotherapist and having weak bone density and cystic fibrosis he went the extra mile to get me back on my feet thank you so much ."         -   Christopher H.

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